2 Rich 2 Thin

woman looking at the sunsetI’m no fan of Wallis Simpson, and of course, you can be both too rich and too thin.  But if you’d like to be a little thinner and a little richer on a diet of laughter and food for thought, peppered with occasional indulgences, this web site is for you!

My mother was a dietitian, and I’m a CPA.  We often remarked that two of the worst problems in American society, obesity and indebtedness, are basically the same problem.  We like eating and shopping.  We don’t like dieting/exercising and working/budgeting.  It’s not that we’re too stupid to realize that if we spend more than we earn, the money will eventually run out, or that if we take in more calories than we burn, we will eventually have backsides the size of the Goodyear blimp.  It’s that we aren’t very good at passing up present pleasures, and we are terrific at promising ourselves that we’ll do the unpleasant part really soon.

We could eat salads, cottage cheese and rice crackers all week and treat ourselves to steak and chocolate mousse on the weekend.  We could save a little out of our paycheck for a few weeks and then buy those dreamy shoes.  But my best friend just called and it’s her birthday!  And why shouldn’t I have those shoes now?  That’s what credit cards are for!  And so it goes, until you’re a size 22 and $10,000 in debt.

I don’t claim to have the one true answer.  We have all made our very own custom problems, and no off-the-rack solution will work for everybody.  But check it out.  I may have an idea you haven’t thought of, or a trick you haven’t tried.  I definitely have some recipes you’ll like, and some of them are really fattening.  But it’s about moderation.  Portion control.  Planning.  And if you dust off that brain and use it, you’ll find you can have the chocolate, and the shoes, as well as a positive balance in your checking account and a rear end that will fit into skinny jeans!